Jigsaw Puzzle

For those of you who have never been in a whisky warehouse, let me try to help you visualize.  Imagine having a can of Coke in your refrigerator.  Now, fill every shelf in your refrigerator with cans of Coke.  And…Continue Reading ›

Welcome to the Family

I’m going to take a break today from the descriptions of life behind the scenes at a distillery to chat about the most visible aspect of a distillery: the gift shop.  Seriously! Where is the first place you go to…Continue Reading ›

Warehouse Wishes

Well, my last post about having so much respect for and interest in the Bruichladdich warehouse sent out the cosmic message that said, “Rob needs to return!”  I started my second week at Bruichladdich this morning and Jim McEwan said the…Continue Reading ›

Roll Out the Barrel

For weeks, I’ve been walking the hills in Islay, exploring ancient ruins, enjoying incredible views of the ocean and other islands (including the big island of Ireland) and taking in the freshest air imaginable.  The arduous strolls have been great…Continue Reading ›

Still Waters

I have been hot, hot, hot the past couple of days!  No, I’m not refering to a great haircut from Shannon or a new Ben Sherman overcoat.  My spirited opening sentence has to do with just that: spirit.  My ongoing Bruichladdich…Continue Reading ›

Working for my whisky

I am now 24 hours into a new way of looking at whisky: from the inside.  For the next two weeks, I am learning all there is to know about whisky making from the innovative experts at Bruichladdich Distillery (www.bruichladdich.com) through…Continue Reading ›

The long walk to a good whisky

A few days ago, I took a four mile walk from my cottage on Persabus Farm to the end of the coastal road on Islay’s northeastern shore.  The weather was unbeatable – no rain to soak me, no wind to…Continue Reading ›

Islay Initiation

After long last, I am comfortably at my new home for the foreseeable future: Islay, the Scottish island of the peated malts.  My arrival here brings my whisky experience full circle in some ways, as it was Fergus Hartley, formerly…Continue Reading ›

India’s Most Wanted

Recently, I returned from a lengthy journey in India (and several weeks away from solid Internet access).  As previously mentioned, I brought several mini-bottles of fine whisky to enjoy with me when the occasion called for it: such as floating on a rice…Continue Reading ›

Tales of Wales

I’m often asked what my favorite whisky is, and I always reply it’s the whisky you’re drinking at the time you’re enjoying the moment.  It’s true.  Take, for example, the whisky I had the other night. Though I’m in India,…Continue Reading ›