Letting Go of Your Words

This week, I’ve examined the role of the whisky writer/blogger in the online universe. The first piece talked about storytelling and preserving history. The second piece was about passion and connections. I’m ending the series by looking at what drives…Continue Reading ›

Passion Connects Peat-Loving People

Yesterday, I was following a Twitter discussion about the nature of blogs, building readership and standing out in a crowded blogosphere. My input to the discussion was none of that matters if, you as a communicator, are not first writing…Continue Reading ›

Myths, Malts and Storytelling

“The goal of life is rapture. Art is the way we experience it.” This quote from American mythologist and writer Joseph Campbell seems an appropriate way to continue week two of my examination of whisky and writing as partners in…Continue Reading ›

Showdown: Writing vs. Blogging vs. Tweeting

Question(s): Does blogging about whisky, or anything for that matter, count as “writing”? Does “writing” about whisky and putting it into a blog count as “blogging”? And where does Twitter fit in to all of this? I mentioned in a…Continue Reading ›

Writing and Whisky

Writing and whisky. They seem to fit together like hand and glove. Foot and sock. Glencairn glass and mouth. I’ve written about everything imaginable. There must be 3,000 articles with my byline floating around the writing ether. I’ve covered politicians…Continue Reading ›

The Return of Whisky Guy Rob

Ten years ago, I first wrote about whiskey. It was a small article for a local newspaper. The piece was really more of a social event article than a whiskey article, as I was covering a Hollywood party featuring whatever…Continue Reading ›

St. Patrick’s Day Whiskey Surprises

As one of my favorite days of the year approaches, I’d like to turn an eye to some unheralded whiskey options for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Each are a bit off the beaten track that revelers are used to and…Continue Reading ›

Waits, Whisky and Double Black

“Bad as Me” is the title of Tom Waits newest CD. Though it doesn’t come out for a few more days (at the time of this writing) I’ve heard a preview of the work by the newest member of the…Continue Reading ›

No Sin to Begin Again With a Tin

Last night, I was watching “Six Days to Air: The Making of South Park” which is a great behind-the-scenes look at the crude cartoon classic. In one scene the camera pans around the office of co-creator Trey Parker and sitting…Continue Reading ›