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Artifice and Authenticity in Whisky Events

I attended more whisky events in the first month of the Trump presidency than I did in the final year of the Obama administration. Coincidence? Let’s just say that if “alternative facts” continue at the rate they have, I’ll need…Continue Reading ›

Stranahan’s Whiskey Still Strong

Stranahan’s Whiskey Cask Thief 2016 Rob Dietrich of Stranahan’s Whiskey is probably the coolest guy in whiskey. Or so I surmised I first wrote about Stranahan’s distillery in 2012 and compared him to Clint Eastwood (the horse riding, saloon-strutting, get…Continue Reading ›

Distilling Rob TV Interview

I recently gave an hour-long TV interview about my book, Distilling Rob: Manly Lies and Whisky Truths. We covered much ground in the interview, including details about the book, the themes and the implications. I suggest sitting down with a…Continue Reading ›

My Sacrifice is the Angel’s Envy

Sacrifices. There is a finality with a sacrifice. They tend to come with much thought and meaning attached to them. And the intent and outcome exists out of time until the sacrifice is actually made and the impact is seen.…Continue Reading ›

Bowmore Brings Me Back

My annual holiday trip home to the wintry wonderland of Wisconsin was a bit of another journey this year. No snow, constant gray skies and regular rain. It reminded me much more of my time in Scotland than my time…Continue Reading ›

Taking a Different Path to Bull Run

I’ve never been one to go the direct route. I’m an explorer at heart. A curiosity seeker. Even as a kid, swinging on a swingset – a fairly safe and controlled motion – I always tried my best to swing…Continue Reading ›

Plot Twists in Whisky and Writing. And Life.

Stories have a way of changing. I write that sentence within eyesight of the world famous Hollywood sign, and there are hundreds of patently uncreative movie studio executives who would vehemently deny that perspective. They would say stories are predictable…Continue Reading ›

National Whisky Guy Rob Day

Happy National Whisky Guy Rob Day! Why not? Yesterday was Father’s Day, which was a made-up holiday that, while started by a well-intentioned Washington woman in the early 1900s, was something that was truly championed by tie designers and pipe…Continue Reading ›

Whisky Live from the Other Side

I once had a girlfriend who always snapped at me, tossed things at me or punched me whenever she saw me looking in a mirror. Or a window. Or a silver metal object. Apparently, at that point in my life…Continue Reading ›