A whisky review is not something I do very often, simply because there are 150,000 other whisky reviews you can find at any given time on the vast expanse of binary code we call the Internet. Take them all together and you’ll discover the whisky you’re trying to learn more about has every flavor under the sun from added chemical caramel flavoring to wet North Sea sand removed from beneath a napping seagull at low tide with the slightly singed fingertip of a hand that brushed against a burning pine tree branch 79 hours after holding the last bite of Boxing Day cake at Auntie Mame’s cottage..in the Cotswolds. Ratings range from 61 out of 100 on Whisky Guy God’s blog to a Gold Medal Special Selection at the 2014 Kalahari Desert Spirits, Wine and Water – dear God, let there be water – competition.

Then there are people I admire who do such a fantastic job with their reviews that I feel the whisky world doesn’t need one more to take away from what they do well. Not that I can’t do a good review. That’s how I got started in this world more than a decade ago for various publications. But, I’d rather use my writing talents in other areas that I have a greater passion for and leave the reviews to the people who find that to be their writing passion.

For me to do a review these days, I either have to find a whisky that shocks and rocks me in a good way, or have someone ask me to do a review. That’s right. All they have to do is ask. If a PR person, drinks company or distillery wants to send me a sample for review, I’ll gladly do it. However, caveat emptor. Because I’m not beholden to doing reviews, I have no qualms with speaking my mind. If that dries up review opportunities, well, so be it.

So, keep checking back or subscribe to my blog for the occasional review that will change up the pace of my more in-depth musings about whisky and writing.

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