I am pleased to welcome you my very own Web site devoted to my passion for whisky.  As many of you know, I shall be traveling abroad the next few months, and this site will allow you to follow my whisky-related experiences along the way.  While the blog won’t hit its stride until I move to the island of Islay off the coast of Scotland after the first of the year, I will still provide appropriate whisky updates during my time in India.  Yes, there is whisky in India, and I’m excited to tell you all about it.

My blogs will be far more than just musings about whisky.  As you may know from my columns, I tend to talk a little about whisky and a lot about…well, whatever else crosses my mind.  I have links to two of those columns on this site.  Unfortunately, I don’t have pdfs of the rest of my columns, which are boxed away in a storage unit in Los Angeles. 

Before I sign off (and rush to my flight to Delhi) I want to offer a sincere and boundless thanks to the boys at Dragonfly Design Group for this wonderful site.  I’ve worked with these guys on a number of projects through the years, and they are brilliant at taking broad ideas and making them into visual masterpieces.  My words and photos are their paint.  I love how they blend them into what you see before you.

Stay tuned to this site for what will hopefully be an entertaining and educational journey through all things whisky. Or is it whiskey? Dig around the site and find out!

6 Responses to “Welcome to the Whisky Guy!”

  1. Greg

    Godspeed on your journey and I look forward to reading about your experiences.

  2. Ariella Vaccarino

    Im really excited about your new site. Just so you know, my iPhone can not read most of it. You may want to relay that to your web people.

  3. Dad

    This is a great site, but you need more pictures of your only niece. Ha Ha.


  4. Polly Leahy

    Hi Rob,

    Enjoyed your first update. Hope you’re feeling better soon and can continue the adventure.


  5. Jeff

    Great site. I can’t wait to read more about “whatever else” crosses your mind.

  6. Mark Lovie

    Bunnahabhain(good luck on trying to pronounce it) is actually one of my favorites and the 18 yr old bottle is what I served at the head table in my wedding. I hope to make it over to their distillery this year. Thanks for the wonderful update. It is always a pleasure to read.

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