Reviews of Four SMWSA Offerings for August

As I stated in my recent post, Lost in Translation, I’m going to be doing more regular reviews of whiskies. I promise not to ramble on and on about what I’m tasting by evoking esoteric imagery. I’ll save that for…Continue Reading ›

St. Patrick’s Day Whiskey Surprises

As one of my favorite days of the year approaches, I’d like to turn an eye to some unheralded whiskey options for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Each are a bit off the beaten track that revelers are used to and…Continue Reading ›

Waits, Whisky and Double Black

“Bad as Me” is the title of Tom Waits newest CD. Though it doesn’t come out for a few more days (at the time of this writing) I’ve heard a preview of the work by the newest member of the…Continue Reading ›

Bulleit Hits the Mark with New Rye

Bulleit has shot straight from the barrel and into the hearts of rye lovers with their new release, Bulleit 95. The “95” stands for the percentage of rye in the spirit, which is extraordinarily high, and leads to a stunning…Continue Reading ›

Bold Balvenie Finds Independent Spirits

Balvenie has always been one of my favorites. In fact, I feel somewhat responsible for the price of Balvenie 21-year-old port wood pushing the $200 mark. Several years ago, I actively promoted it as one of my “best buys” when…Continue Reading ›

California Dreamin’

When I worked at a distillery in Scotland, I was fully aware of, and completely embraced, the role I was playing in creating this thing called, “The Water of Life.” I knew that people around the world would one day…Continue Reading ›

The Manhattan Project

Somewhere in the remote recesses of the American West, a team of highly specialized alchemists went to work on a secret project that would forever change the course of history: I will call it the Manhattan Project. No, not THAT…Continue Reading ›