My Old Friend Adds Jim Beam Double Oak

The new Jim Beam Double Oak is the latest expression from the venerable American distillery. I was asked to review the whiskey, which I shall. But, before I do, I’m going to take you through a little backstory, as my interest…Continue Reading ›

Laphroaig Lore Packs Punch, At a Price

In honor of this weekend’s Feis Islay Festival, which matches up nicely with today’s World Whisky Day, I give to you my thoughts on a new release from Laphroaig: the Laphroaig Lore. According to the distillery manager John Campbell, Lore…Continue Reading ›

Bowmore Brings Me Back

My annual holiday trip home to the wintry wonderland of Wisconsin was a bit of another journey this year. No snow, constant gray skies and regular rain. It reminded me much more of my time in Scotland than my time…Continue Reading ›

Auchentoshan American Oak

Auchentoshan Distillery sits just outside of Glasgow. One passes by it as they exit the city and to head west and off for the islands of Scotland. It is not an easy distillery to miss, but its location does not…Continue Reading ›

Rob’s Whisky Review Rules

A whisky review is not something I do very often, simply because there are 150,000 other whisky reviews you can find at any given time on the vast expanse of binary code we call the Internet. Take them all together…Continue Reading ›

Delightful Drams from the SMWSA

Is it possible for someone to be too busy to sit down and drink whisky? If you’d seen my schedule for the last six weeks the answer would be…wow. But, I managed to sneak in a few tastings of the…Continue Reading ›

​Whisky Guy Does Daytime Brews

For a guy who primarily writes about whisky which he enjoys drinking at night, writing about beer that he sampled during the day seems a bit out of sorts. In fact, it is. While I’ve written about beer before, I…Continue Reading ›

Three Glenrothes Expressions Worth Attention

I’m continuing my recent trend of guest reviewers as I move into three recent Glenrothes expressions. This time, my guest is Girl+Fire blogger Paulette Fontenez. Paulette is a huge whisky fan, as she frequently reminds me in her Tweets, Facebook…Continue Reading ›