Unfiltered Whisky and Writing

Last week, I participated in an improv comedy show here in LA at the M.I. Westside Comedy Theater. The theme of the show was diaries. I was one of three readers who shared a passage from their secret jottings in…Continue Reading ›

Independence in Whisky and Writing

“Every path but your own is the path of fate. Keep on your own track, then.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Walden “Independent” has such a strong, rebellious connotation that burns beneath the word. Independent means you’ve clawed over the walls…Continue Reading ›

Delightful Drams from the SMWSA

Is it possible for someone to be too busy to sit down and drink whisky? If you’d seen my schedule for the last six weeks the answer would be…wow. But, I managed to sneak in a few tastings of the…Continue Reading ›

​Whisky Guy Does Daytime Brews

For a guy who primarily writes about whisky which he enjoys drinking at night, writing about beer that he sampled during the day seems a bit out of sorts. In fact, it is. While I’ve written about beer before, I…Continue Reading ›

Whisky Live LA was a Rye Experience

Whisky Live LA was held Wednesday night in Century City. For me, it was more like Whiskey Rye, as that seemed to be my theme of the evening. With nearly 200 whiskies being poured, there was a significant measure of…Continue Reading ›

Three Glenrothes Expressions Worth Attention

I’m continuing my recent trend of guest reviewers as I move into three recent Glenrothes expressions. This time, my guest is Girl+Fire blogger Paulette Fontenez. Paulette is a huge whisky fan, as she frequently reminds me in her Tweets, Facebook…Continue Reading ›