Reviews of Four SMWSA Offerings for August

As I stated in my recent post, Lost in Translation, I’m going to be doing more regular reviews of whiskies. I promise not to ramble on and on about what I’m tasting by evoking esoteric imagery. I’ll save that for…Continue Reading ›

Stranahan’s Strides Into American West Mythology

One of my favorite Clint Eastwood Westerns is “The Outlaw Josey Wales.” Clint plays an outcast who, despite his best intentions to journey through life alone, keeps collecting an odd assortment of fellow travelers. The growing crew eventually arrives at…Continue Reading ›

Bruichladdich: All Good Things…

There’s a certain kind of sadness at the end of every story. Even stories with the happiest of endings –   the Dark Lord’s impossible defeat, the princess stirred from an unnaturally deep slumber by the lips of her true love,…Continue Reading ›

Does Whisky Roll With Rocks?

Today, a 340-ton boulder hovered some ten feet above me. Yes, ABOVE. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art unveiled its latest outdoor artwork, Michael Heizer’s “Levitated Mass,” which hangs heavily above an open air subterranean walkway. The artwork opened…Continue Reading ›

The Work in Writing and Whisky

I was reading a post by writing guru Jeff Goins the other day which talked about the work that goes into blogging and writing. Not the inspiration, the idea, the enthusiasm or the attempt at fame, fortune and love from…Continue Reading ›

My Macallan 18 Leaves 007 Shaken, Not Stirred

“What’s your favorite whisky?” If I were given a dram for every time I am asked this question, everything I type for the rest of my life will look like this: asbjklfhkdsfds, When people hear you’re a whisky aficionado that’s…Continue Reading ›