Rob’s Whisky Review Rules

A whisky review is not something I do very often, simply because there are 150,000 other whisky reviews you can find at any given time on the vast expanse of binary code we call the Internet. Take them all together…Continue Reading ›

Plot Twists in Whisky and Writing. And Life.

Stories have a way of changing. I write that sentence within eyesight of the world famous Hollywood sign, and there are hundreds of patently uncreative movie studio executives who would vehemently deny that perspective. They would say stories are predictable…Continue Reading ›

National Whisky Guy Rob Day

Happy National Whisky Guy Rob Day! Why not? Yesterday was Father’s Day, which was a made-up holiday that, while started by a well-intentioned Washington woman in the early 1900s, was something that was truly championed by tie designers and pipe…Continue Reading ›

Whisky Live from the Other Side

I once had a girlfriend who always snapped at me, tossed things at me or punched me whenever she saw me looking in a mirror. Or a window. Or a silver metal object. Apparently, at that point in my life…Continue Reading ›

Timing Is Everything in Whisky and Life

I just opened a bottle of 28 year old Scotch distilled at Glenglassaugh Distillery. A bottle I’ve held on to since I bought it in September of 2005 in a London whisky shop. It was distilled just before Christmas, 1976.…Continue Reading ›

Making Time for Whisky and Writing

The malleability of time. That’s the title of a chapter in my new book, Distilling Rob: Manly Lies and Whisky Truths. The chapter deals with the passage of time and the perception of time, which are two significantly different ways…Continue Reading ›

The Slog to Blog

“You don’t drink whisky?” Variations of that reaction have escaped my lips numerous times while meeting or interviewing people who work in the whisky industry. Not the brand ambassadors, of course. Nor the distillery managers or the master blenders. The…Continue Reading ›

Robby O’ILL and the Little People

Durmod wiped the perspiration from his brow with a scrap of cloth that looked huge in his hand. His companions, Teig and Ronan, were equally as slathered in sweat. Though the 60 degree nighttime winter temperature was cool by Los…Continue Reading ›

A Dram for Living Deeply

“People living deeply have no fear of death.” – Anais Nin I’ve loved that quote from the first time I heard it. The words express everything I feel about life and living: absorb it all, good and bad, every step…Continue Reading ›